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Autoload DVD Duplicatior
Automated high volume DVD and CD production

4 Target Autoloader

$3200 +$59 s/h

Completely unassisted, the Autoload DVD Duplicator can continuously duplicate DVDs or CDs for twenty-four hours straight, automatically duplicating from single or multiple masters, and delivering top notch quality DVD or CD copies…. all at an unbelievably affordable price-- especially when you consider that there is virtually no labor involved. Just load up the Autoload DVD Duplicator with as many five hundred DVD or CD blanks, set up one or more masters, punch in what you want it to do, and forget about it. The Autoload DVD duplicator leaves you completely free to work on other things until the duping is done.


  • 500 DVD or CD capacity
  • Duplicates at up to 16X speed onto both DVD+R and DVD-R formats
  • Automatically runs separate duplication jobs from several masters in succession
  • Supports DVD+R double layer and DVD-R dual layer
  • Separate set ups for each authorized user protects against unauthorized usage
  • Supports English or Spanish language usage
  • Duplicator counter displays number of DVDs or CDs copied for each project
  • Upgradable-- add future drive technology, also new functions via upgrade firmware
  • Automatic DVD and CD media format recognition
  • Selectable duplication speed
  • Simulation mode ensures recording stability
  • One year limited warranty

    Converts DVD+R/RW to DVD-R/RW and vice versa
    Duplicates DVD-R/RW to DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW to DVD+R/RW

Just $3200 + $59 s/h

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