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Adobe Premiere 6.5

VHS 50 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

Adobe Premiere, renowned for its powerful list of features, is one of the world's leading video editing software packages. All this power also means that it comes with a 380 page instruction manual. The Getting Started with Adobe premiere 6.5 instructional video lets you bypass this humongous manual and get going right away. If you're a hands on learner, this is the tool you need. It's also the fun way to learn Adobe Premiere.

In this rapid fire fifty minute video, you'll learn what you need to know to get up and running in no time. In under an hour you'll learn how to hook up and configure your equipment, how to use the device manager to make sure that your system is set up properly, how to capture footage, assemble clips, render everything, and then export your completed project from Adobe Premiere to your recording deck for a finished master.

You'll also learn how create custom music, and how to edit it into your video. Plus, how to create titles, how to add them to your video, and how to adjust title transparency and create title fades. You'll also learn how you can transmit your videos over the internet. You'll get concise, no-nonsense explanation of everything you need to know, all while watching Adobe Premiere 6.5 in action. It doesn't get any easier.

Covered Items Include:

  • Equipment requirements
  • Video hardware items
  • Adobe Premiere Installation
  • Device manager
  • Video capture
  • Using bins
  • Adobe Premiere settings
  • Timeline function
  • Story board function
  • Mixing audio
  • Inserting custom music
  • Inserting titles
  • Creating transitions
  • Export to recording deck
  • Export to the internet
  • Trouble shooting
  • Lots more

VHS 50 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

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