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Adobe Premiere 6.5 And the Matrox Power of X

VHS 85 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

If you thought Adobe Premiere 6.5 was powerful all by itself, you'll be amazed at the performance of Adobe Premiere when used in tandem with the Matrox RT.X100. This eighty five minute video takes you through Adobe Premiere 6.5 and onto adding the Matrox Power of X.

Covered Topics

  • Equipment Requirements
  • Video Hardware
  • Installing Adobe Premiere
  • Device Manager
  • Adobe Premiere Settings · Video Capture
  • Editing on the Timeline
  • Creating Transitions
  • Power of the Storyboard
  • Adding custom Music
  • Generating Titles
  • Audio Mixer
  • Bin System
  • Exporting to a VCR
  • Exporting to the Web
  • Trouble Shooting

You'll see an RT.X100 in the video, but everything shown in the video will work equally well with the Matrox RT.X10. Learning Adobe Premiere 6.5 using the four hundred page manual can be daunting. Add another two hundred fifty pages of Matrox manual and you're really in for it. Start with the video instead and you'll race from complete ignorance to up-and-running in just over an hour. It's the perfect solution, particularly for beginners and those new to computer based non-linear editing.

"This is simply the best Premiere 6 video I have ever seen. It is loaded with all the info you need to get started editing with Premiere 6 as quickly and easily as possible. The great camera work lets you see clearly and precisely what you need to do to navigate and use Premiere. Most importantly, this is a fast paced video that is interesting and easy to watch. This video will have you editing in Premiere in no time. If you run into technical support issues, you will find the added bonus "Videoguys' Top Tech tips" section will save you valuable time and effort. The Electronic Mailbox is proud to be a sponsor of this excellent training product. Great job!" - Gary Bettan, The Electronic Mailbox

Getting Started with Adobe Premiere 6.5 And the Matrox Power of X
VHS 85 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

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