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  • Molded triple a/v cable-- stereo audio plus video
  • Professional standard shielded 75 ohm RG59 cable for video
  • Gold plate RCA connectors for both audio and video
  • Color coded for easy cable identification

Many off-the-shelf dubbing cables use identical cables for both audio and video, even though the audio and video signals have substantially different cable requirements. It is easier to manufacture the triple audio-video dubbing cables this way as the three cables are all the same thickness. Unlike these common cables, our cables use two audio cables plus one thicker, shielded 75 ohm RG59 video cable for the best possible signal quality.

Audio-Video Cable Prices
3' dubbing cable $ 4.49 Shipping and handling 50 cents per cable when added to any product order. (If ordering only cables and nothing else, shipping and handling $5.00 for the first cable, 50 cents for each additional cable)
6' dubbing cable $ 4.99
12' dubbing cable $ 5.99
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