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And Don't Forget Video Cables
Audio-Video Dubbing Cables
DA-8 & DA-16
Video Distribution Amplifiers

with stereo audio

DA-16 16 outputs
Just $239 + $12 s/h

8 outputs
DA-8 Just $199 + $12s/h

S-Video Distribution Amps also available

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Do Your Own Video Duplication

  • Feed multiple VCRs and duplicate your own VHS tapes with guaranteed one-at-a-time copy quality. (For S-VHS & DVD copies use our S D/As.) Also….
  • Feed multiple video monitors, big screens, audio amps etc.
  • No signal loss: Amplifier provides unity gain for both audio and video
  • No artifacts or other signal degradation
  • Durable aluminum cabinet for optimum shielding
  • Wall mount holes for #6 screw (DA-16 only)
  • Made in USA
  • 1 year warranty

    Take advantage of our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
    Call and order your distribution amplifier today

    DA-8 Just $199 + $12s/h

    DA-16 Just $239 + $12 s/h

    Call 503-236-0000 (or for other order options click order)

    And Don't Forget Video Cables
    Audio-Video Dubbing Cables


Video Signal To Noise Ratio:
68dB+ (unweighted and over 74db weighted)
Video Bandwidth:
Better Than 10 Mhz (measured at -1dB)
Video Resolution:
1200+ Lines Resolution (at -3dB, 800 lines at 1dB.)
Audio Signal To Noise Ratio:
100 dB
Audio Frequency Response:
Video Inputs:

DA8- S-Video (Y/C) and Composite

DA16- Composite Only

Audio Inputs:
Right and Left Audio, RCA Connections
Video Outputs:
Composite, RCA Connections
Audio Outputs:
Right and Left Audio, RCA Connections
9 volts AC, 500ma

NTSC, PAL and SECAM Compatible

Specifications Guaranteed
The above specifications are guaranteed for every unit Sign Video sells. Note that some manufacturers publish "typical" specifications, meaning that all units sold do not necessarily meet those specifications

s-video distribution amplifiers also available

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Distribution amplifier, video distribution amplifier, proc amp are generic descriptions.
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