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Digital Video Camcorders

VHS 30 mins.  
Just $29.95 + $5s/h

Learn about digital video camcorders the easy way. Get the instructional video that takes you on a virtual tour of the camcorders, tapes, formats, and all the most prevalent features in the world of dv cameras. Get a real feel for this exciting new digital technology and learn the things you really need to know without spending hours doing it.

Covered items include:

  • The DV format
  • Tape formats
  • DV Camcorder types
  • SP versus LP
  • Exposure systems
  • Shooting considerations
  • Lighting considerations
  • Memory sticks and cards
  • The back light button
  • Manual focus
  • Neutral density filter · White balance
  • Getting the best audio
  • Manual and automatic audio
  • 12 bit versus 16 bit
  • Index marking
  • DV Editing
  • Lots more

VHS 30 mins.   Just $29.95 + $5s/h

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