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DVD Duplicator

Make multiple copies of DVDs with blazing speed using our 18x speed DVD duplicator. Choose from models with master DVD drive and 1-9 target (slave) burners. Running multiple target DVD burners at high speed means you can burn huge numbers of high quality DVDs in almost no time. Burn CDs too, at even higher speeds. Built in hard drives let you store master material for immediate access for even easier duplication.
Note that these towers will not duplicate copy protected DVDs.
Make sure your master DVD is not copy protected.

DVD Duplicator Features

  • Turnkey DVD duplicator
  • and CD duplicator
  • Duplicate to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW including conversion from one format to the other
  • Burn at 20x speed. or burn at 8x speed and use less expensive 8x blank DVDs- when 18x DVDs come down in price, you'll still be ready. 4x speed available, too. Plus up to 32x for CDs.
  • LCD display is easy to read.
  • Auto counter displays number of discs duplicated for each project
  • Built in 250 gig hard drive lets you store master material for easy access. Namable partitions let you store and retrieve masters by title.
  • 128MB memory buffer
  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Automatically recognizes DVD and CD formats
  • No cool down period required-- group multiple DVD duplication runs back to back without a break
  • Upgrade friendly design-- ready for future DVD drive technology, plus allows function upgrade via CD
  • Power boot self diagnostics
  • Simulation mode to safeguard DVD recording stability
  • Reminder buzzer lets you know the DVD duplication run is done
  • One year limited warranty

Models and Prices

1x3 full featured DVD duplicator
1x6 full featured DVD duplicator
1x10 full featured DVD duplicator

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