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Royalty Free Stock Footage


Royalty Free --- pay just one price for an entire collection of stock footage…and use the footage in your own productions as many times as you want at any time that you want. Available on mini-DV or S-VHS. VHS preview tapes available for $12 including shipping.
Royalty free license terms and conditions


Sunsets, Sunrises & Sweeping Aerial Vistas
Perfect for title backgrounds, rolling credits, and setting the mood. Includes tropical & ocean and mountain sunsets and sunrises and more, plus breathtaking scenic fly over shots that add real excitement to any production. Most sunset and sunrises shots are about one minute or longer. All Sunsets and sunrises shot on DV, all aerials on 35mm film (except for 16mm forest fire aerial, and one DV aerial). See shot list for details.

Lots of long takes.

More Sample Pics Shot List

Introductory Pricing
60 minute mini-DV tape $39
60 minute S-VHS tape $39
s/h $5 first tape, $2.50 each additional
VHS Preview Tape $8 including shipping
We're confident you'll be impressed. (refundable if you buy the stock shots)

More stock footage collections coming soon


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