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Get the two volume video that gets you up and running in no time on Apple Final Cut Pro 4. Veteran video producer Stacey Jenkins shows you the short cuts and demonstrates the features that you really need to know to get up and working in Final Cut Pro 4. It's good old fashioned, no nonsense, hands on show and tell, and plenty of it. Each volume is packed, and really shows just what you can do with this powerful Apple editing program. Skip the manual and dive right into Final Cut Pro 4 the easy way. Get the Mastering Final Cut pro 4 two volume video.

Mastering Final Cut Pro 4 Chapter List

  • Final Cut Pro 4 System requirements
  • Storage Space
  • Setting Up Your Work Station
  • Before You install Final Cut Pro 4
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Final Cut Pro 4 Overview
  • Command Versatility
  • Log and Capture
  • The Browser Window
  • The Viewer Window
  • The Tool Palette
  • Basic Effects
  • Trim Edits
  • Rendering Your Clips
  • Creating Basic Text
  • Exporting
  • Managing Your Media
  • Managing Your media: Command Versatility
  • Before You Capture Your Video
  • Managing Clips and Rendering Wisely
  • Backing Up Your Media Files
  • Importing Your Media
  • More on Effects
  • Working with Audio
  • Working with Text
  • More on Exporting
  • Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro 4
Stacey Jenkins is a professional video producer with almost a decade of international television production experience. Her credits include the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Vision TV (Canada's multicultural cable network), Oregon Public Broadcasting and documentary work at home and abroad. She currently resides and works in Oregon as an Instructor and Media Assistant for Portland Community College's Video Production Department. She is a devoted user and teacher of Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro 3 Users

This video is just as great for diving in and learning Final Cut Pro 3. Stacey Jenkins lets you know when she's talking about the new features of Final Cut Pro 4, so you'll always know when it applies to you and when it doesn't. And except for the new features, Final Cut Pro 3 works the same way as 4. You'll also get a preview of the added features of Final Cut Pro 4 this way, so you'll see what you really get if you upgrade.

Mastering Final Cut Pro 4.0
2 volumes your choice of VHS or DVD
Volume I    56 minutes
Volume II   53 minutes
  VHS two tape set Just $69.95 + $6 s/h
  DVD two disc set Just $89.95 + $6 s/h
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