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Standard Firewire Patch Panels
Description Item Number Price S/H

8 Port Firewire Patch Panel, desktop

Ports: 6 6 pin, 2 4 pin
Cables Included: 2 8" 6 pin, 2 8" 4 pin to 6 pin

user manual (pdf)

FW8 $99 $6

16 Port Firewire Patch Panel, rackmount/desktop

Ports: 12 6 pin, 4 4 pin
Cables Included: 3 12" 6 pin to 6 pin, 3 12" 4 pin to 6 pin
user manual (pdf)

FW16 $179 $6


Firewire 800 Patch Panels

Consolidate all of your Firewire 800 and standard firewire patching.

Description Item Number Price S/H

8 Port Firewire 800 Patch Panel, desktop

Ports: 8 Firewire 800
Cables Included: 4 12" cables

user manual (pdf)

FW800-8 $149 $6

16 Port Firewire 800 Patch Panel, rackmount/desktop

Ports: 16 firewire 800
Cables Included: 6 12" cables
user manual (pdf)

FW800-16 $249 $6

24" firewire cables also available for sale

Using a patch panel (also known as a patchbay) is the fast and easy way to switch and swap your ieee-1394 firewire connections and to route your firewire signals where you want to go any time you want. You won't be crawling around behind your equipment any more and you won't risk damaging the firewire connections on your expensive equipment.

Just use firewire cables to connect from the firewire ports on your equipment to the firewire ports on the back of the firewire patch panel. The firewire ports on the rear of the firewire patch panel connect directly to ports on the front panel of the firewire patch panel. Then you just use firewire patch cables to patch one port to another on the front panel. It's that simple.

The ports are numbered. Here are some example connections: (1) to route the signal from device 1 (the device connected to port 1 on the rear) to device 4 (the device connected to port 4 on the rear) just connect one end of a firewire patch cable to front panel port 1 and the other end of the same firewire patch cable to front panel port 4. If at the same time you would like to connect device 3 to device 7, patch together 3 and 7 on the front panel in the same manner using a second firewire patch cable. The two connections are separate, and even though they are made using the same firewire patch panel, they do not intersect, and do not interfere with each other. You can keep going, of course, making as many connections as the number of firewire ports allow.

So, now that you know all about it, order your Firewire Patch Panel today.

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