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by Garry Hood

As any owner of a video production or video duplication business knows, it's easy to get caught up in the day to day operation of your video business. There are things you know you should be doing to improve your business that you always put off because there are always more important things to be done on any particular day. And, of course, one day rolls into another and another.

To end this problem, make it a rule to do one small thing toward improving your video business every single day. Never, never let your video business go a day without some small advance.

To make this easy, write improvement actions down on 3x5 index cards and keep them in a handy place. For large projects, break them down into small steps and put each one on a separate card. Every day, just shuffle though the cards and pick one task to do that day. When you've finished the task, don't throw the card away. Put it in another pile and watch the pile grow. Every month go through the "done" pile and assess your progress. This will make you feel good about the state of your video business and inspire you to make further improvements.

Whether you operate a video production business or a video duplication business, establishing a routine system for implementing steady improvement and growth is essential. A simple trick or two can make it easy.

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