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GL-1 tape
XL-1 image
Digital Video Documentary
Instructional Videos
Video Duplication Business-in-a-Box
Earn Real Money Doing Video Duplication
Get the step by step kit that shows you how to cash in.
A simple video duplicating rack can gross you $15,000 to $20,000 a month, just by duplicating other people's videos.
Instructional Video Catalog

DVD Authoring and Burning
Getting Started With DVD Burning

Video Production
Shooting the No Budget Digital Video Documentary
Location Sound for Video

Video Business
Video Duplication Business-in-a-Box
Getting Started with Digital Filmmaking

Editing Software
Mastering Final Cut Pro 4
Mastering Final Cut Pro 3
Getting Started with Adobe Premiere 6.5
Getting Started with Adobe Premiere 6.5 and the Matrox Power of X

Video Camera
Getting Started With Digital Video Camcorders
Mastering the Canon GL-1 a first Time User's Guide

Mastering the Canon XL1 a first time user's guide
Getting Started with the JVC GY-DV500 Camera
Getting Started with the Sony VX2000

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