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JVC GY-DV500 Camera

VHS 40 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

When JVC introduced the JVC GY-DV500 video camera, at under five thousand dollars, it was truly a milestone. It was hard to believe--- a three chip, ½ inch CCD professional camera that had everything you used pay twenty thousand for, plus it was digital. A videographer's dream.

Now you can get the definitive GY-DV500 instructional video and learn all about it. See every button, switch, menu item and feature in action, and learn how to use each and every one. You'll love the no-nonsense, information packed approach. No meaningless babble here. Plus, you'll get lens-eye-view after lens-eye-view of what it looks like to shoot with the GY-DV500. Whether you own the camera or you're just dreaming, this is a must have video.

Here are just a few of the items covered:

  • Set up
  • Accu-focus
  • Full time auto white balance
  • Full auto shooting function
  • Super scene finder
  • Scene file memory function
  • White balance
  • Audio monitoring
  • Every menu item
  • Every dial
  • Every button
  • Every switch
  • Every feature
  • Back Focus
  • Lots more

VHS 40 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

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