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A 6' foot primary LANC cable is included with all Zoom Commander zoom controller models. This is the cable used to connect the zoom controller to the camcorder via the 2.5mm LANC jack.

Zoom Commander II and Zoom Commander Pro models come with a 6' primary lanc cable, PLUS 12' and 25' extension cables.

Additional cables can be purchased as shown below

Wrong cables?
Try Audio-video-dubbing-cables

LANC Cable Prices
These are standard LANC cables and can be used for various applications
6' female to male $ 9.95 Female to male cables serve as extension cables for zoom controllers
12' female to male $14.95
25' female to male $19.95
100' female to male $59.95
6' male to male $ 9.95 (primary cable for all Zoom Commander models)
+ $5 s/h
Other Cables
Audio-video cable
Firewire Cables also known as ieee-1394 Cables

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