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First Time User's Guide


VHS 60 mins. Just $29.95 + $5s/h

Stacey Jenkins takes you on a 60 minute whirlwind tour of the Canon GL1 camcorder- covering every button, switch, mode, feature and menu item of this groundbreaking Canon camcorder, plus tips on lighting conditions, microphones, and more. And not only is this video a complete guide to the Canon GL1 camcorder, it is shot entirely with a Canon GL1, so you can see for yourself just how the Canon GL1 camcorder looks, sounds and performs. Whether you are learning to use the Canon GL1, or just deciding whether you want to buy the Canon GL1, this is the video for you. Reading the manual is no substitute for this hands on look on how you can make the Canon GL1 dv camcorder truly perform for you.

Stacey wrote the script and Tom Chamberlin shot and edited the video. Both of them own and love their own GL-1s, and took their GL-1s to India where they shot a feature DV documentary together.

First Time User's Guide to Mastering the Canon GL-1 Just $29.95 + $5 s/h

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