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Problems Are Rare
In the DVCAM and DVPRO video formats, the audio signal is locked to the video signal, insuring that audio and video will always stay in sync. Technically, in the less expensive DV format, i.e. mini-DV format, the DV audio signal is not locked to the video signal, and could stray somewhat out of sync. In practice, this is rarely a noticeable problem. Audio and video usually stay in sync, even though there is no "lock" to guarantee that they will stay in sync. This sometimes drives DV camcorder dealers nuts, since the manufacturer feels obligated to tell the public that the audio is unlocked. Meanwhile, the dealer has not had so much as a single customer complaint about unlocked audio.

If your budget limits you to a DV camcorder, or you just like the smaller, lighter camcorder, don't worry about locked and unlocked audio. It is unlikely that you will have significant problems, and in fact, you may never have a problem.

Audio Can Be Relocked
In the rare event that you do have a problem, you can take your tape to a professional video house and have it dubbed between two DVCAM decks to relock the audio. Again, the problem is rare, so the video house may not be familiar with the process. Tell them to do the following:

Dub from a DSR 60 or 80 to a DSR 80 or 85 in QSDI mode.
This will relock the audio.

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