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Articles and Tips
A Video Production and DV Camcorder Information Library

Audio for Video
Using Portable Sound Mixers

Video Production
Zoom Lens Techniques
Mini-DV Unlocked Audio Problems-- Are they real and how can they be fixed?
Canon XL1 Accessory Color Bars
Our Favorite Video and Filmmaking Books

Video Routers
Transform Your Sports Bar with a Video Router

The Magic of the Video Router-- A True Matrix Solution to Cable Swapping Mania

Video Editing

How Chroma Keying Works
Lighting Chroma Key Properly
Chroma Keying and Jagged Edges

What is Digital Video Editing Software?

Final Cut Pro
Getting Set Up For Final Cut Pro
Livetype: Changing the World of Text in Final Cut Pro 4
Upload Video Clips to the Web With Final Cut Pro 4

Video Business
Don't Let Your Camcorder Scare off Your Customers
One Thing a Day to Improve Your Video Business

Film and Video Festivals
Do Film and Video Festivals Really Watch Your Video? and What To Do About It.
Film and Video Festivals Listings

How to Print Out A Web Page Without Cut Offs and Blank Outs

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