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Independent Filmmaking by Lenny Lipton
The classic how to manual for independent film makers

The Digital Filmmaking Handbook by Ben Long and Sonja Schenk
Our XLR-PRO XLR audio adapter is featured in this book, so we could hardly leave this one out. Thorough and informative digital video production book.

A Man With a Camera by Nestor Almendros
The legendary cinematographer relates his experiences film by film

Five C’s of Cinematography by John V. Mascelli, a.s.c.
A classic book of cinematic do’s and don’t’s as relevant to video as they are to film

In the Blink of an Eye, a Perspective on Film Editing by Walter Murch
If you thought you knew everything about film and video editing, this concise and thoughtful editing book will charm and surprise you

Cassavetes on Cassavetes edited by Ray Carney
Independent filmmaking the John Cassavetes way

Ozu by Donald Richie
If nothing else, read the chapter on script

Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman
This classic page turner by the legendary screenwriter is funny and informative

How I made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime
by Roger Corman with Jim Jerome

Independent filmmaking by the guy who gave half of Hollywood their start

Making Movies by John Russo
From producing Night of the Living Dead to everything you wanted to know about producing independent film

Killer Instinct by Jane Hamsher
This inside story about producing films in Hollywood is hard to put down

The World According to Mike Leigh by Michael Coveney
An entirely other approach to drama and filmmaking from the director of Secrets and Lies

When the Shooting Stops… the Cutting begins, a Film Editor’s Story
By Ralph Rosenblum and Robert Karen
A detailed and insightful account of a lifetime of editing Hollywood features

Immediate Seating, a Look At Movie Audiences by Bruce A. Austin
Audience research: why people go to the movies and what they like and don’t like

Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making by Michael Caine, Maria Aitken (editor), Maria Aiken (editor)
No one has more film acting experience than Michael Caine and he draws on it heavily for this little book of filmmaking wisdom for actors and their directors.

Rebel Without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez
Make an action film with practically no money and sell it to Hollywood? Rodriguez tells you how he did it.

All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From the Toxic Avenger by Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn
Independent filmmaking at it’s zaniest

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