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Video Duplication Equipment

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Video Duplication - Only You Can Do it Better, Cheaper & Faster
Why entrust the safety of your masters, and the quality of your copies to an outside video tape duplication facility? Why pay the money? And why put up with the turnaround time? In the time it takes to deliver and pick up, you could have done the video tape duplication yourself. And no matter how careful, no video duplication house cares more about your production than you do. Instead, connect the outputs of one of our audio/video distribution amps to a few video recorders and mass duplicate your own video tapes… controlling quality yourself, and keeping video tape duplication costs and travel time down.

Cut Down on Piracy, Too
The faster you can turnaround those copies and get them into the hands of your customers, the less chance they will be tempted to their own video tape duplication by copying a friend or colleague's video tape or DVD. You can even use our video distribution amps to feed recorders directly from the camera during live events, making multiple video tape copies available for sale the very moment the event ends

Distribution Amps Give You One at A Time Copy Quality
If you want to dub more than one copy at a time, and maintain quality, you need to use one of our high performance video distribution amps. This is what the professional video tape duplication houses use, and you should use one, too. They work on a very simple principle of operation explained below.

Simple Principle of Operation
Our audio/video distribution amps split the video and audio signal into multiple outputs, amplifying the outputs (unity gain for both audio & video) to compensate for the signal loss that would otherwise occur… so that each down line recorder, monitor or other video device receives a full strength video and audio signal that matches the quality of the input. Guaranteed broadcast quality specs on all our distribution amps assure that even the highest quality input is preserved, ensuring the best video tape duplication results.

Combine Distribution Amps for Large Video Duplication Runs
You can make hundreds of copies at once without quality loss by feeding the outputs of our distribution amps into additional distribution amps. Our distribution amps are not limited by 'loop through' or other restrictive requirements for combining units. We specialize in video duplication equipment and have designed our distribution amps so that you can start small and still go big when you need to.

Why Can't I just Daisy Chain my VCRs (or DVD recorders)?

PLUS Check Your Copy Quality With Our Dub Checker:

VS1600 Video Selector

When you're finished recording, you can play back all the copies at the same time by using one remote control to put all the decks into play at once. You can spot check by stopping and playing back at selected points during VCR rewind (or by using random access for DVDs), usually once at the end, middle, and beginning. Add the VS1600 Video Selector and during each play back window, you can view each recorder output in rapid succession by punching the VS1600 Selector push buttons one right after the other…. viewing and checking the tape or DVD playback from each recorder in mere seconds. A vast improvement over going from VCR to VCR to DVD recorder one at a time. Catch those clogged heads and other video tape duplication problems with minimum effort. Read & see more.

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8X8 Routing Switcher can also be used as a distribution amp.

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