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Vertical Interval Switching:
Video Bandwidth:
 40 Mhz, 3200 lines of Resolution
Video S/N:
 68 db+
Diff Gain:
Diff Phase:
Crosstalk Worst Case:
Audio S/N:
Freq Response:
 5Hz to 3 Mhz
 9 Volts AC, 1 Amp
 9.2" wide x 4.05" high x 6.45" deep
(3.71" high without feet)
23.37cm wide x 10.29cm high x 16.38 deep
(9.42cm high without feet)

Specifications Guaranteed
The above specifications are guaranteed for every unit Sign Video sells. Note that some manufacturers publish "typical" specifications, meaning that all units sold do not necessarily meet those specifications

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