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The Zoom Commander® DVX
The Zoom Controller for Panasonic DVX100,  DVC80, DVC60 & DVC30 Camcorders

  • Dual zoom controls
  • Zoom in at one speed, zoom out at another
  • Record/pause
  • Silent operational controls for clean audio
  • V-block swing away clamp
  • Slope & flat mounts
  • Extra Velcro® included
  • 12' lanc extension cable
  • 25' lanc extension cable
  • Made in USA
  • One year limited warranty

Zoom Commander® DVX

Just $129.95 + $9 s/h

Control Your DVX100, DVC80, DVC60 or DVC30 Camcorder
From Your Tripod Handle Or Elsewhere

The Zoom Commander® DVX places exceptionally smooth and reliable record and dual zoom controls right under your thumb- all wired directly into your DVX100, DVC80, DVC60 or DVC30 control jack. This lets you control these essential camera functions, and the tripod handle with the same hand--- without having to operate your DVX camcorder with the opposite hand with the controls suddenly on the opposite side of the camera. This also leaves your other hand free for mics and other things…. and keeps your hands away from the camcorder, so you won't ever nudge or jostle your DVX100, DVC80, DVC60 or DVC30 in the midst of a take, or record audio of your fingers brushing the mic or other camcorder parts.

Two Complete Sets of Zoom Controls, Each With Variable Speed Presets
Get the zoom speed exactly right every time. With our two complete sets of zoom controls, you can preset each set to different speeds, and have two reliable and repeatable zoom speeds right under your thumb. No fumbling with rockers, variable throttles, or other pressure sensitive zoom controls that make you guess how far to press to get the zoom speed you need. And no more having to keep it pressed down exactly right to maintain an even zoom speed. Preset the speeds (rehearse them if you like) and get zoom speeds that repeat evenly and precisely each and every time. Each set of zoom buttons has two continuously variable speed set dials, one for zoom in speed, one for zoom out speed, so set any of them anywhere you like.

Versatile Positioning and Lightning Quick Attach and Detach
With two mounting plates included, you can mount the Zoom Commander® DVX flat on the tripod handle or mount it tilted upward, whichever is most comfortable for you (this also makes it easier to adapt to your shoulder brace). The mounting plates and Zoom Commander® DVX each have Velcro® attachment pads, so you can attach the Zoom Commander® DVX vertically, horizontally, even diagonally, orienting the controls exactly the way you like them. And, of course, the Velcro® lets you detach just the controller in a flash, and put it back in a flash, without having to undo the clamp. The clamp itself utilizes two solid aluminum v groove blocks and screws down snug on the tripod handle or elsewhere and stays put. When you want to move the Zoom Commander® DVX to another tripod or other piece of gear, the swing away block also lets you disconnect the entire DVX zoom controller and clamp without having to unscrew and completely disassemble the clamp (and without having to reassemble it when you move it back).

Control Your Camera From Afar
Included free of charge with every Zoom Commander® DVX are twenty five foot and twelve foot extension cables. Just attach one or both of these to the end of the controller's six foot cable and you can control the camera from a distance. You can also purchase additional zoom controller extension cables as long as one hundred feet. Use them in any number of limited access situations. You can also use two Zoom Commander® DVXs to control two cameras from one location.

Special Construction
The Zoom Commander® DVX housing and attachment plates and clamp are all black anodized aluminum alloy, and very light and compact. The push buttons are square and separate, and each intentionally only performs one camera action (that way you can't slip the wrong way as you might on a dual function rocker switch).The push buttons are also extremely tactile, and arranged in a logical grid, so your thumb can easily find the right button by feel-- so you'll always know exactly where to push.

So, now that you know all about it…..

Get the Zoom Commander® DVX -- the reliable, ergonomic, and totally flexible zoom controller.

Take advantage of our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
Order your Zoom Commander
® DVX today.
Just $129.95 + $9 s/h Call 1-503-236-0000 (or for other order options click order)


One each of the following lanc extension cables is included at no charge with each Zoom Commander® DVX you buy. Plus one v block clamp is included with all Zoom Commander® models. However, you may wish to buy extras:
V Block Clamp  (first one free )

Just $39.95 + $5 s/h

Put a clamp on each of your tripods & move your Zoom Commander® DVX from one to the other in a flash
LANC Extension Cables  






$ 59.95

+ $5 s/h

Flat mount
Slope Mount
Your choice of flat or sloped mounting plate with Velcro® Just $9.95 + $5 s/h
(One of each mounts free with Zoom Commander® DVX)

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